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Professional Logo Design

Branding agency 52 Degrees North has formed partnerships with many companies, large and small, over the last 12 years. We’ll look under the bonnet of your business, discover what makes you tick and give your brand a fresh look and feel.

52 Degrees North have successfully developed logo designs, brand identities and guidelines for some fantastic businesses. We have an established logo design process that identifies, designs and delivers results. We will ensure that we get to know you and your company and make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. Choose a branding agency you can trust!

So, what can 52 Degrees North branding and design do you for?

Together, we build brands.

Why Choose 52 Degrees North Branding Agency?

We’re creative, we’re flexible, and we’re reliable.

Personal Touch

The personal touch

We don’t just churn out logo designs and press ‘send’. We’ll put in the hours to get the finer details right, and we’ll pick up the phone, meet face-to-face and work together to get the best finished product.

Profit With a Purpose

Profit with a purpose

Sure, we’d all like to own a gold-plated flying Ferrari, but what really drives 52 Degrees North branding agency isn’t pound coins, but a passion. We’re proud to have worked with clients who deliver education, health and social care, and transformative new technology.

Professional Advice

Professional advice

52 Degrees North brand and design agency understand that it can be hard to see the wood from the trees when it comes to passion projects. But we’ll give you our honest professional opinion, without fluffy jargon.


No bullsh*t

Not for us the space hoppers and perspex glass of a soulless Mad Men tower. We care about results. We don’t serve fake smiles from a coffee barista on arrival, and in any case, we’re more into a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.

Common Questions Asked About Logo Design

  • Do I need to hire a professional logo designer?

    If you wanted to build a house, you’d likely speak to a builder, right? If you wished to have a filling, you’d call a qualified dentist? If you want a professional brand image for your business, you should speak to a graphic designer.

    A professional designer is that rare breed where creativity meets business acumen. That means not only do they understand how small adjustments to things like colour, imagery and type will influence your audience. They’ll also consider how your project fits into the broader scope of your business environment and competitive landscape too. As a result, a professional designer is a loyal business ally.

  • Why should I use 52 Degrees North?

    We’re a talented, highly skilled team with over 45 years experience, so it goes without saying that we really know our stuff. That’s why we’ve been trusted by clients across the UK for more than a decade, but don’t just take our word for it… according to our most recent client satisfaction survey, 100% of them are extremely likely to recommend us.

  • Will I get to see any concepts before I decide to hire you?

    While we don’t complete speculative work, we do have an extensive portfolio and love nothing more than showcasing our previous projects and success stories. If you decide we’re the right agency for you, we’ll take the time to get under the skin of your business so that our creative is both tailored to your business and crafted with results in mind. In our experience, that’s far more valuable than some upfront guesswork.

  • I have an existing logo but it needs updating. Is this something you can do?

    Evolution not revolution? No problem. When it comes to your brand, sometimes a little refinement can go a long way. From ensuring synergy across all of your marketing materials, to refreshing your logo to bring it up to date, we’re on hand to advise and help.

  • What do you charge?

    When you work with us, there will be no hidden charges. Whether you prefer to work on a project by project basis, or would like the peace of mind that an ongoing retainer brings, we’ll let you know our costs upfront and the price you see, is the price you’ll pay. Our fees depend on your specific brief, but start from as little as £360 (ex VAT).

  • Branding and Logo Design Portfolio

    Escape Hair Branding and Logo Design

    Escape Hair Salon

    Rimilia Branding and Logo Design


    Swish Verge Master Branding and Logo Design

    Swish Building Products – Verge Master

    Tower Composites Branding and Logo Design

    Tower Composites

    University of Huddersfield Cerenem Branding and Logo Design

    University of Huddersfield

    Silky Studios Branding and Logo Design

    Silky Studios

    Rodbaston Hall Branding and Logo Design

    Rodbaston Hall

    OakTree Nursery Branding and Logo Design

    Oak Tree Nursery

    Google Reviews

    Robert Aymer - Thiinking Space
    The Thinking Space

    28th May 2019

    I really appreciated how quickly Katie moved on completing the artwork and getting it back to me for my company booklets. The essence and ideas for how I wanted the product to look were fully captured, and the booklets look great! Many thanks!!

    Ben McFarlane - Acme Whistles
    ACME Whistles

    23rd August 2020

    Katie and the rest of the team @ 52 Degrees North were exceptional to work with. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the project. Highly recommended.

    Julie Boden - FLO Group
    FLO Group

    21st August 2020

    The team are always helpful, quick to reply and offer a great level of service. Thank you!

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