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Motion graphics are proven to be engaging - in fact...

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video format compared to 10% when reading it in text. - Forbes

It all starts with a chat.

Motion Graphics Clients

Motion Graphics

We might be a pint-sized design agency, but that means we can offer a personal service even to large, established clients. So, what can 52dn do you for?

If a picture paints a thousand words imagine what motion graphics can do! Each animation that we make helps to explain the storey behind a company, product or service through the power of motion.

Together, we build brands.

Busy Bees

Renowned for providing unique and exciting learning opportunities, and oozing personality, it’s only natural that Busy Bees have a vibrant and engaging brand to match. That’s why they came and spoke to us in 2019, as they were looking for a creative partner to help bring their brand to life through engaging motion graphics.

ACME Whistles

Capturing over a century and a half of heritage in just 90 seconds is no mean feat (we could talk about them all day) but through careful scriptwriting, creative concepts and clever motion graphics we think we’ve done just that.

Walsall College

Graded outstanding by OFSTED, Walsall College is one of the most successful Further Education Colleges in the UK. We help them create stunning motion graphics for their external campaigns.

NeQis Ltd

A leading provider of independent monitoring systems to the medical and pharmaceutical markets. NeQis independent monitoring systems required a sales motion graphic to help their sales team create more leads.

Google Reviews

Robert Aymer - Thiinking Space
The Thinking Space

28th May 2019

I really appreciated how quickly Katie moved on completing the artwork and getting it back to me for my company booklets. The essence and ideas for how I wanted the product to look were fully captured and the booklets look great! Many thanks!!

Ben McFarlane - Acme Whistles
ACME Whistles

23rd August 2020

Katie and the rest of the team @ 52 Degrees North were exceptional to work with. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the project. Highly recommended.

Julie Boden - FLO Group
FLO Group

21st August 2020

The team are always helpful, quick to reply and offer a great level of service. Thank you!

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Features and Benefits of working with 52 Degrees North

Motion Graphics Personal Touch Icon

The personal touch

We don’t just churn out websites and press ‘send’. We’ll put in the hours to get the finer details right, and we’ll pick up the phone, meet face-to-face and work together to get the best-finished product.

Profit With a Purpose

Profit with a purpose

Sure, we’d all like to own a gold-plated flying Ferrari, but what really drives 52dn isn’t pound coins, but a passion. We’re proud to have worked with clients who deliver education, health and social care, and transformative new technology.

Professional Advice

Professional advice

We understand that when it comes to passion projects, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees. But we’ll give you our honest professional opinion, without fluffy jargon.


No bullsh*t

Not for us the space hoppers and perspex glass of a soulless Mad Men tower. We care about results. We don’t serve fake smiles from a coffee barista on arrival, and in any case, we’re more into a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.




Meet the Team


Director and Head of Creative

Paul’s design career started in 2000 after the completion of his BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. After gaining extensive experience in working with design agencies in Birmingham and Leicester, he established 52 Degrees North in 2009.


Director and Head of Strategy

Katie began her graphic design career in 2000 and joined 52 Degrees North as Co-Director in 2010. She has an MA in Design Management and has completed both the Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Graphic Designer

Dan joined 52 Degrees North on a part-time basis while he completed his Degree studies at Birmingham City University. With a first-class honours degree in Media and Communications under his belt, Dan has since joined 52 Degrees North on a full-time basis.


Chief Trouble Maker

Maggie joined 52 Degrees North at the tender age of just 4 months and has become an integral part of the team. She may be slightly limited when it comes to using the latest technology, but what she lacks in technical ability, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm.

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